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Sponsorship Opportunity details:

The Roundnet Ontario Tournament Circuit (ROTC) is a series of 5 Roundnet (Spikeball) tournaments across the province to determine the top ballers in Ontario and grow the local communities. These tournaments are open to all ages and gender, with most athletes ranging from 18-35. As I’m sure you know, Spikeball/ Roundnet is extremely popular in the states and we are working hard to bring that same atmosphere to both Ontario and all of Canada!

Sponsorships can come in many forms. Anything from products/services donated to a monetary contribution or discount. In return sponsors receive, at a minimum:

· Your logo on the back of our Roundnet Ontario Tournament Circuit T-Shirts (sold at each event & awarded to podium finishers)
· Social media shootouts/promotions throughout the summer across our social media platforms
· Your logo on all flyers/promo materials we put out
· Your logo featured on our sponsorship banner displayed at each tournament

There are many other marketing options available and we are always open to discuss any other ideas as well, just let us know what you have in mind!

If you are interested in sponsoring our Organization, Clubs or Tournament Circuit please contact us at!!