Roundnet Ontario Membership Application

Below are the Membership application requirements, process, and submission details:

Send in a document answering the questions below and email to with the Subject Line of “Roundnet Ontario Club Membership – (club name)”

Shortly after, you will be contacted to set up an interview time or with any additional requirements that may be needed before proceeding to the interview.

Required Application Questions:

  • Brief description of the clubs history, community involvement along with any future goals and/or aspirations.
  • List of social media accounts (Instagram,YouTube,Facebook, etc), marketing tools or website where the club can be located online/publicly along with a current logo.
  • How many participants within the club? [Need 16 participants (an individual from the clubs district who has paid to play in a roundnet event) within last 365 days (from their district – individual can only be a participant of one club)]
  • Roundnet Club’s history/experience? (Need one of the following within last 365 days: Host a league, Host 4-5 tournaments or Host 2-3 tournament AND Host consistent pick up sessions)

*All content in BOLD are mandatory requirements to obtain Roundnet Ontario Membership*