Why become a Member of Roundnet Ontario?

  • Join committees to be actively engaged in what’s happening with Roundnet Ontario 
  • Voting privileges – 1 vote per Member (electing board of directors, committee decisions, ect) 
  • Approval of budget 
  • Event advertising on Roundnet Ontario’s website and social media platforms
  • Roundnet Ontario Recognized Affiliation
  • One Team registration for a Roundnet Ontario’s Tournament Circuit Event (Any division)
  • Group Insurance
  • Web hosting through sub-domain or landing page hosted at roundnetontario.ca/members

Membership Requirements

What is a participant? An individual from the clubs district who has paid to play in a roundnet event

How many participants are needed to become a Member? Need 16 participants within last 365 days (from their district – individual can only be a participant of one club)

How much experience is required to become a Member, within the last 365 days? 

One of the following: 

  • Host a league
  • Host 4-5 tournaments
  • Host 2-3 tournament AND Host consistent pick up sessions

Social Media Account(s)/Marketing tools? Please describe any social media account(s) and their handles and/or any other marketing tools utilized to advise the public of future club activities

What is the application process to become a Member?

  • Send in a document answering the questions on the next page and email to roundnetontario.ca
  • Shortly after, you will be contacted to set up an interview time or with any additional requirements that may be needed before proceeding to the interview.

What is the cost to become a Member?: January to January – $100 Due in April (annually)