Elite Division Details & Requirements

We are very excited to announce that the  2022 season will be our first full season with an Elite division in Ontario. This division currently consists of 13 qualified teams and 27 players, the complete list can be located at (ROTC Elite Players)The goal for the 2022 season is to have a 16 team division and relegation will occur with the top two teams in advanced being promoted and bottom two teams in Elite being relegated back to Advanced.

Our first circuit event of the season will see the top four teams from advanced obtaining Elite status and bottom two teams in Elite division will be relegated to obtain the desired division total 16 teams. However, after our fourth event of the circuit relegation will not occur, bringing the division to 18 teams for the Grand Slam and entering the 2023 season. An additional aspect to relegation is that you can not miss more than (2) consecutive elite division events without being relegated. (any exemption will require Roundnet Ontario Board approval)

In the 2022 season all conciliation matches will be 1 game to 21 with exception of the third place matches. Due to the impacts of regulation the 12th place semi-finals (equivalent match if division is smaller or larger than 16 teams) to determine the bottom two teams in Elite will also still be a best of 3 series.

We will require 8 teams in the Elite division, otherwise those teams that registered will be moved to Advanced and not count as a missed event. If no Elite division is run the top 2 Advanced teams will still be promoted. If teams/players renounce their status or status is lost due to missed events that team will be replaced with an additional promotion from Advanced to a maximum of 4 teams, if more teams are needed to refill the division to 16 teams then relegations can be reduced or eliminated. If fewer than 12 teams are registered for an Elite division then only 1 team will be relegated.

Ontario players with Premier status with STS may participate in the Elite division, however, if relegated, will have to earn Elite status through the promotion system. Out of province Elite/Premier players are able to compete in future Elite divisions despite previous results in Ontario.

Players with Elite status can play in the Advanced division, however, they will have one two options; they can renounce the Elite status in hopes of obtaining with a new partner or they can keep their status but if their team qualifies for promotion that spot will be awarded to next best finishers without an Elite player competing. 

Our Elite division will allow out of province players with Elite/Premiere status in their respective province/region or country to compete in a ROTC Elite division.

Additionally if an injury occurs to a player/team in an Elite division event during pool play or in a Round of 16 matchup where the injured player/team were winning at the time of injury disqualification then they will avoid relegation. However, if an injury occurs playing out in places 8-16 then that team will be subject to relegation.
With this new division this has brought change to how ROTC points are awarded this season. In the event that two teams elect not to play out their last consolation game, both teams will be awarded the points of the lower position. The current season standings can be found at ROTC 2022 Standings.