About Us

What is Roundnet?

Roundnet is a 2v2 sport played on a taught hula-hoop sized net. After a serve struck off the net to the opposition, teammates have up to 3 hits to put the ball back off the net in a manner that their opponents return it. Though it is often referred to as Spikeball, this are in fact a brand who makes the equipment on which roundnet is played! For more information, check out their website: Spikeball.com

Our Vision

To see the sport of Roundnet expand and improve in the province, creating a strong community of players that set the example for other developing Roundnet organizations/clubs.

Our Mision

To create and develop a close knit Roundnet community by connecting players & clubs across the province. This is done by hosting/promoting leagues, tournaments, training sessions and pick-up games throughout Ontario.

How can you join in?

Find a local club here!