Waterloo Tournament Description

As this opening tournament of the 2019 Roundnet Ontario Circuit, we wanted to shake things up from last year and try out one of our new and most requested locations… Waterloo!! Thanks to the awesome local ambassador Rod Fritz, we scored grass soccer field just outside of town in Wilmot, Ontario. With the added help, we were able to secure the facility for two days allowing us to run 5 divisions throughout the weekend, including a new division that will only be featured at this tour stop: a YOUTH division (born in 2001 or later)! Points earned at this tour stop (women’s, coed and competitive) will count towards your total team points for the year. Early registration closes March 26th so grab a friend and don’t hesitate to sign up for this fun filled opening event!



Mannheim Community Centre – 1467 Mannheim Rd, Wilmot, ON N3A 3E4

General Rules:

Competition will be governed by Official SRA Rules. Make sure you keep up to date on rule changes/modifications!

Registration Cost:

Early registration  – $50 per team

After March 26th – $60 per team

Women’s – $40 per team

COED – $20 per team

Youth (2001 or Later) – $20 per team

Schedule of the Day:(subject to change based on team count)

Saturday May 25th, 2019 (Recreational, Competitive & Women`s Divisions):

8:30 AM – Check-in/Warm-up
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM – Pool Play
11:30 AM to 12:30 PM – Lunch Break
12:30 PM to 4:30 PM – Bracket Play

Sunday May 26th, 2019 (Youth & COED Divisions):

8:30 AM – Check-in/Warm-up
9:00 AM to 10:30 AM – Pool Play
10:30 AM to 11:00 AM – Break
11 AM to 1 PM – Bracket Play

Tournament Format:

  • Pool play games to seed everyone for a Single Elimination Bracket. Bracket play games will all be 2/3.
  • Games to 11, 15, or 21 – depends on timing, team count, winners/losers bracket.
  • **Subject to change



  • 1st – $200
  • 2nd – $100
  • 3rd – $50


  • 1st – Spikeball Water bottles
  • 2nd – Swag (mugs, hats or shirts)
  • 3rd – Glow Balls


  • 1st – $60 + Champion Hat
  • 2nd – $40 + Shirt
  • 3rd – $20


  • 1st – Mug + $10 Booster Juice Gift Card (2)
  • 2nd – Glasses
  • 3rd – Shot Glasses

Youth ( 2001 or Later)

  • 1st – Spikeball Combo Meal (Standard Set)
  • 2nd – Spikeball Shirt
  • 3rd – Spikeball Pro Ball (2)

Points System:

  • 1st place – 200 points
  • 2nd place – 150 points
  • 3rd place – 100 points
  • 4th place – 75 points
  • 5th place – 70 points
  • 6th place – 65 Points
  • 7th place – 60 Points
  • 8th place – 55 point
  • 9th place – 50 points
  • 10th place – 45 points
  • 11th place – 40 points
  • 12th place – 35 points
  • 13th place – 30 points
  • 14th place – 25 points
  • 15th place – 20 points
  • 16th – 32 – 15 points

Bonus points

  • Attend the tournament – 5 points (20 points for Grand Slam)
    • If 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th tournament attended – extra 10 points
    • Attend all 5 tournaments – extra 50 points
  • Early registration – 10 points
  • Volunteer to be an Observer – 5 points per game (Must be Certified by SRA)

For up-to-date point totals -> Point Tracker

Would you like to be featured in our Videos and Albums, add your Videos and Photos from the event by uploading to our Google Drive or by emailing [email protected]

Saturday – Competitive and Recreational
Sunday – COED and Youth


Competitive Division

1st BC
2nd 2 Old Guys
3rd Hot Ballers

Left to Right – Hot Ballers, BC, 2 Old Guys

Recreational Division

1st Snatch Ladders
2nd Nemisis
3rd Lightning Spikes Twice
Left to Right – Nemesis, Snatch Ladders
Lightning Spikes Twice

COED Division

1st Roundnet Roundbellies
2nd Cheeky Monkeys
3rd I’d Hit That

Left to Right – Roundnet Roundbellies, Cheeky Monkeys
I’d Hit That

Youth Division

1stIn Coming!!
2nd Buddy Mans
3rd Boss Like

Left to Right – Buddy Mans, In Coming!!

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Registered Teams

*Indicates Pending Waiver

Team NamePlayer 1Player 2StatusDivison
I’d hit thatSarah McDowellShant MardirossianConfirmedCO-ED
Pocket RocketsTristan Vander HoefJulia DeWeerdConfirmedCO-ED
AlloyAlana VandersluisRoy PerezConfirmedCO-ED
Cheeky MonkeysIan DonagheyKayla LariviereConfirmedCO-ED
What's Cookin?Pierre CookRachel Cook *ConfirmedCO-ED
Roundnet RoundbelliesGreg OvermondsKatie OvermondsConfirmedCO-ED
Spike ‘n IkeKogan ShantzHunter JacklinConfirmedCO-ED
Dig ThisAnastasia NovyDerek SoetemansConfirmedCO-ED
Young n' YoungerRod FritzJulia FlemingConfirmedCO-ED
JKJosh BrandesKeri PattonConfirmedCO-ED
Patrick StarsQuinton Mischuk *Laralee Gadsby *ConfirmedCO-ED
cuz we spikeEvan KorvemakerCaleb SchmidtConfirmedCompetitive
The NancysJosiah VeurinkGreg WhitfieldConfirmedCompetitive
ScronaroniesRyan MarinoAj AguiloConfirmedCompetitive
Howie’s HittersAdam KozlowskiWesley schilstraConfirmedCompetitive
On the EdgeGreg KendallBrennan FeaseyConfirmedCompetitive
Braden VanderHoefBraden VanderHoefKyle BurgerConfirmedCompetitive
The BoysMatthew CianciChristian CamarataConfirmedCompetitive
Team FwangoMitchell KozlowskiZach DuffConfirmedCompetitive
Cheeky MonkeysIan DonagheyKayla LariviereConfirmedCompetitive
ARIESAlex CeccaneseHudson FordConfirmedCompetitive
One HitDylan CarrollAdrian NeufeldConfirmedCompetitive
WebrosJadenGraham WeberConfirmedCompetitive
Ballistic DuoSteven HuismanRichard NieuwoldConfirmedCompetitive
PnPPhilip DrouinPierre CookConfirmedCompetitive
We are a teamJoshua DahmerTyse PieningConfirmedCompetitive
Adam Smith's invisible handJosh MoscoeJeremy Wilks *ConfirmedCompetitive
BCBrandon WaglerConrad Wagler *ConfirmedCompetitive
Aces HighCam KorvemakerLuke BootsmaConfirmedCompetitive
Spiked LeeDavid BurnettAllan CayenneConfirmedCompetitive
The Broski'sRob Wiens *Branden DommConfirmedCompetitive
SpikealiciousJordan BrandesJackson OhrlingConfirmedCompetitive
Average LadsEric ReinkeNiz HefnawiConfirmedCompetitive
MC SpikeChris BehlingMark ScholtenConfirmedCompetitive
The farmersTaydon ShantzKogan shantzConfirmedCompetitive
Flakey ShakeNickolas FergusonNathan TaraskoConfirmedCompetitive
2 Old GuysRod FritzKris KuraszConfirmedCompetitive
Hot BallersTyler VeenstraAdrian BrouwerConfirmedCompetitive
The itchy and scratchy showAndrew NunnRoy VerbeekConfirmedCompetitive
Cookies & CreamJoshNick BatoolallConfirmedCompetitive
Corsi CousinsAlex BaumanKyle RothConfirmedCompetitive
The DucksBrandon SellersCole HannamConfirmedCompetitive
Just Tap It (In)Bradley Marquardt *Devon FrayneConfirmedRecreational
Lightning Spikes TwiceAnthony ReidJosh BarbosaConfirmedRecreational
Snatch LaddersDerek NunesRick TavaresConfirmedRecreational
Straight off the CouchScott DonagheyPaul GagnonConfirmedRecreational
Bring ItMatt FriesenRicky JanzenConfirmedRecreational
Keener TweenersKirby BaumanMarissa BrubacherConfirmedRecreational
Orville Ready-BlockersBlair CowleyJulie MarquardtConfirmedRecreational
NemesisNolan SarloNoah GonderConfirmedRecreational
Spike on deuceColin McDonaldEvan SepaConfirmedRecreational
The Marvel NerdsJackson MartinAlex ErbConfirmedRecreational
The Sensible SettersWyatt DiefenbacherChad WeberConfirmedRecreational
B&M bombersBrian DibbenMatt BaumanConfirmedRecreational
Serving TimeWendell DiefenbacherJaden KuepferConfirmedRecreational
PlaiderHoefKatie PlaisierSydney VanderHoefConfirmedWomen's
In Coming!!!Isaac FritzCurtis BischConfirmedYouth (2001 or Later)
SwarmBrody FritzJosh StrausConfirmedYouth (2001 or Later)